Monday, July 25, 2016

Tin Can Silos

I decided to build some more post apocalypse/sci-fi terrain. I am still on a budget and chose to do something which cost me absolutely nothing. Only using some old tin cans, empty cornflakes boxes, glue and paint which I already had.

I have seen this idea both online and I have seen friends do them, so I can absolutely not take credit for the design, but I find it easy and effective.

This is what a finished can looks like before painting.

Unfortunately I only had one empty corflakes box and a can needs a large piece of the box, so I only managed to finish two cans so far, but I plan to eat a lot of cereal in the next couple of months, so hopefully I will have enough silos to build an industrial complex soon.

A sellection of different size cans.

I made this paper template before cutting into the cereal box.

A couple of silos painted and washed.

Space Ork for scale.

These are quite easy to construct and I think they look pretty good considering the cost and time put into it. I will add some grafitti and posters to the sides and probably try to add some more bits and bops from the bits box on some of the upcoming silos.

Eventually I would like to build or buy some fitting ladders and walkways, so some of them can be climbed, this will make them good terrain for skirmish games like Necromunda and such.

My only concern about these is that I used some cans which used to contain Chili Beans and I can still smell it on them, but hopefully the smell will fade in time or maybe I should use some cans with a less smelly content next time.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sphincter Beasts

First time I heard about the Sphincter Beast was some rumours floating around the Oldhammer Facebook page and Oldhammer Forum. I never heard of it before and I am still not really sure where they come from.

Apparently it is an old Asgard Miniatures model, but it might or might not have been released, also it might possibly have been some model used to playtest Rogue Trader.

The only previous image I have seen of a model was on the Eldritch Epistles blog, found in Bryan Ansell's collection, but that doesn't really give many new clues to the mystery.

So when I by accident came across these two fellows on Ebay I snatched them up and I tried to give them a similar paintjob to the one from Bryan Ansell's collection. So here they are.

Sphincter Beasts.

Scale photo with R.T. Space Ork Boy.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sorry, No Blog Post This Month

Hello All.

I am sorry, but this month won't have any real update. I have a few finished projects I would like to post about soon, but I have been dealing with some health issues and just havn't had the energy to clear the desc, set up for photo shoot and post about it.

I just wanted to make clear that I am not planning to close down the blog and even though I am continueing in a slow pace I really hope to keep up for many years to come.

Hopefully next month will see me post about my recently painted Jabberwock, my finished unit of 6 Tyranid Warriors and the continuation of my Medieval Squats project (Or Dragon Rampant Dwarf Army as it is being used for currently).

And also an upcoming blog post about these guys I found on Ebay:

For now, take care and I'll be back soon.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dragon Rampant - Dwarfs vs. Chaos Part II

Okay, onto Part II... After the Dwarfs had had their meal they searched the battlefield and found a magic cockring, belonging to the Chaos Lord, and of course he would very much like it back.

In this scenario the Dwarfs were again defending the small village, this time placed on the tabble edge, and the Chaos Hordes were charging in to take back the magic cockring.

The magic cockring had been given to the Dwarf Wizard, unknowingly to the Chaos Hordes. So the Chaos side had to destroy the Dwarf units one by one to see which had the ring. The catch is that if the unit carrying the ring ends up the last Dwarf unit, the cockring will explode to protect itself and thus devastating every last unit on the tabble. 

Beastmen seek cover in an ancient stone circle.

Heavy Chaos Warriors cross the waters.

One again the Bear Riders clash with the Chaos Lord and loses.

The Chaos Lord and Giant chases away the Dwarf Giant.

The Dwarfs stop the Chaos Lord in his advance,
while the Chaos Giant flees in the background.

In the other end of town Chaous Hounds emerge to fight.

The Spear Dwarfs chases away the Beastment.

Constantly rejuvenated by the Dwarf Wizard,
the Command group quickly makes an end to the Hounds.

Turn around and fight the Chaos Warriors.

A lone Chaos Warrior faces the Wizard, only to be flattened by a spell.

This battle too ended in a big victory for the Dwarfs. The Wizard really did his part and also the unpainted Dwarfs with crossbows finally managed to make some damge with their bolts.

Roumors say that a Necromancer has fixed his eye on the mighty Dwarf Warband, so I suspect that their next foe might be an Undead Horde.